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To maximise the opportunities presented by your telephone system, we can install and maintain the best hardware for your business. A telephone system from Eurolink will be:

  • reliable quality, from either Panasonic, Cisco or Mitel
  • easily expanded and adapted as your team grows
  • more than just a phone system, including DDI billing, door entry systems, audio and visual conference calling and other features, relevant to your business
  • able to integrate with your systems, such as CRM, Outlook etc.
  • increase productivity through monitoring and reporting.

Our hosted platform: PIPPA

Introducing PIPPA, our “Prime IP Phone Application”. Without the jargon, PIPPA is a feature rich telephone system that’s got everything your business needs with plenty of cost-savings too.

PIPPA is a VoIP system, where your telephone calls are routed through your internet. The main telephone system sits offsite in a cloud and you just have a handset that is setup to work as you want it. You can even pick it up and move it to another location, connect to another internet or mobile dongle and it will work from anywhere. By 2025 all traditional phone lines will have been removed, meaning businesses have no choice but to opt for a VoIP system. Now is your chance to get the problem solved early with our new PIPPA platform. You'll get:

  • a brand new telephone system including new handsets with no capital outlay
  • well suited for multi-sited operations and remote workers
  • choose whether you want a physical telephone or an App on your PC or mobile
  • all the benefits of a traditional ISDN system, but in a new feature-rich VoIP package
  • Fax to Email capability
  • no hidden costs – we’re including features and call packages as standard
  • a system that works for your business and its needs, instead of forcing you to fit the system 
  • up-to-date cyber security which is essential in the current cyber-risk climate.

We’ve spent years looking for the optimum, cost-effective client platform before launching PIPPA ourselves, so we’re delighted to give clients access to the new platform. To find out more about PIPPA contact the team on 01453 700 800

Traditional Telephone Solutions

There are times when a traditional telephone system (PBX - ‘Private Branch Exchange) is still the best solution. It may be that all your staff are located on one site, or that you have specific integrations already in place, or that the cabling in your environment means you need to opt for a physical PBX located in you comms room. Our staff are happy to advise which solution will best suit your business. 

Eurolink partner with leading PBX providers Panasonic and Mitel for onsite solutions


The Panasonic NS series is designed to offer a tailormade communications solution suitable from 4 – 2,000 users across a single or multiple site location, supporting various technologies. Key features of Panasonic include a robust and reliable design, that is scalable and feature rich, and that can be integrated to your work style.

The Panasonic DECT solution is second to none as it is all made by Panasonic for Panasonic, unlike other vendors, allowing you to increase productivity through managed cordless communications.  

Other functionality includes:

  • Multiple devices, giving users choice of cordless, softphone or desk phones, plus they can switch methods and move calls between devices.
  • Mobile twinning to give simultaneous desk and mobile phone ringing plus the option to transfer calls between both devices
  • Smartphone integration with SIP client applications
  • Built in unified messaging to listen to voice messages through your phone or on your PC so you never miss a call.
  • Call recording – full or ad hoc
  • Unified Communications & Applications allowing business communications to be more efficient and integrate with other applications.
  • Call analysis and software applications for call management.



Mitel 5000

The Mitel 5000 offers features including unified voice messaging, hot desking, Meet-Me Conferencing among others.. Small and medium businesses can blend their voice system with the data network, creating an efficient and cost-effective communication environment.

Suitable for up to 250 users across multiple sites the system is competitively priced; with the support of Mitel and ourselves it is a winning combination for businesses looking to improve their communications.

Outlined below are a few of the many benefits:

  • No more ‘out-of-office’ – a user to ‘twin’ their desk phone with any other phone e.g. mobile, home etc.
  • Flexible working made easy – remote or home workers can plug their Mitel phone into a broadband connection and get exactly the same communication features as their in-office colleagues, at no additional cost.
  • Lower mobile costs – main office calls can be re-routed to a device of choice, so even if an employee is mobile, they won’t incur as many long distance or mobile charges.
  • Conferencing built in – ‘Meet-Me’ and ad hoc audio conferencing are built into the system, making it easy to collaborate quickly with colleagues, without having to pay a hosted conference provider for the privilege.

Phone manager – integrated with a handy PC application to view directories, check availability, make calls and view incoming call information

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