About Eurolink Connect: our big ambitions

We started life selling minutes… but we became so much more

In 1999, we were a cutting edge business selling the relatively new and much sought after telephone minutes, and we used images of tin cans with string to represent what those were! Since then, we’ve remained cutting edge, becoming early adopters of new technology and practices, before taking the plunge in our tenth year and becoming an ISP. We don’t want to bore you with the technical, but our ISP status means we cut out the middle men and are able to offer our customers faster, better and cheaper, at the leading edge of the market.

By 2012, our business had changed so much from its exclusively telephone minute roots, that we rebranded from “Eurolink Telecom” to “Eurolink Connect” reflecting the expansion of the company. Now, we’ve become a complete connectivity solution provider, that’s set apart from the competition by our consultative approach, and partnership style with our clients. In February 2019 we celebrated 20 years in business and you can take a look at our milestones timeline for a more in-depth overview of how our business has changed.

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