Eurolink Values

As such we have developed our core values around
THINKing about everything we do…

  • TEAMWORK – working together to help and support one another and our customers
  • HONESTY – ensure we are open and honest with one another
  • INTEGRITY – work with strong moral principles about doing the right thing
  • NO-NONSENSE – being straight forward and addressing tasks in hand quickly
  • KNOWLEDGABLE – staff are encouraged to learn with the support of vendors to ensure they have experience and understanding of products and services we support.

  • Think about what we do;
  • Think about how we do it and opportunities for improvement;
  • Think about how the action is perceived by our customers;
  • THINK!!! about everything we say and everything we do.

As a direct result of customers’ satisfaction, not only do Eurolink have an exceptionally high customer retention rate of 99%, but we also obtain 75% of our new customers directly from client referrals each year.

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