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Woodbrook Medical

The Challenge

Earlier this year, the phone lines for Woodbrook Medical Centre were targeted and compromised on a Bank Holiday Saturday, in a telephone fraud scam called ‘Phreaking’. Phreaking is a form of fraud on a phone line, where criminals hack into a phone network and use the lines to make long-distance or high-value calls. Woodbrook Medical Centre were targeted, but thanks to Eurolink’s threshold controls on all our contracted phone lines, we were able to prevent criminals from running up a huge bill.


How Eurolink helped

Traditionally, phreaking incidents increase at weekends and during holiday periods such as Christmas, Easter or over Bank Holidays, when criminals can work unnoticed. The average cost per attack in the UK is currently £10,000 - £16,000. Thankfully for Woodbrook Medical, our threshold controls identified the problem within seconds and alerted us immediately, enabling us to lock down the account, preventing any further calls. Taking this immediate action limited the cost to just £150.

Claire Maddox, Managing Director of Eurolink Connect comments, “Telecoms are useful but a very dry subject and often poorly understood. Businesses know that they need them, but not necessarily how they should perform and what potential challenges they may create for a business. At Eurolink, we invest a lot of time, effort and resource into keeping telecoms simple and exceeding industry standards so that our clients don’t have to upskill, but can be assured that they are protected and secure. Our anti-fraud safeguards are just one example of this and we are delighted that they have prevented a costly attack for Simon and the team.”

At Eurolink, all our phone contracts include fraud prevention software as standard, which allows us to recognise phreaking incidents within minutes and shut down your account. This means even if criminals do hack in, they are swiftly stopped and you are notified.

About Woodbrook Medical Centre

Woodbrook Medical Centre is based in the centre of Loughborough and provides a wide range of NHS services. The modern premises include six GP consulting rooms, one examination room, three treatment rooms with facilities for minor surgery together with a health promotion/screening suite, as well as rooms for health visitors, midwife, physiotherapists, district nurses, dietician and chiropodist.

Everyone’s requirements are different. We at Eurolink understand this and we are passionate about delivering personal, bespoke solutions tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. Please contact us on 01453 700 800 for more information.


What did they think?

“Phreaking seems like a distant threat, and something which happens to big businesses. We never would have thought we needed anti-fraud monitoring, but this incident shows just how at risk businesses are, regardless of your size. It is great that Eurolink include this as standard to protect their customers, and it’s even better that we don’t have to contend with a massive, unexpected bill.”

Simon Bardsley, Practice Manager of Woodbrook Medical Centre

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