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St George’s Hotel

The Challenge

For the hotel that’s been awarded the AA Hotel of the Year Wales, an out-of-date phone system was proving cumbersome, with the software no longer supported and the hardware parts hard to come by. Eurolink was tasked with a full system upgrade at the beginning of 2018, when the hotel would be quieter and the disruption for guests less; in fact, the full system installation was pulled forward to peak season 2017, to deliver a better guest experience, and was fitted with no disruption to the guests or business.


How Eurolink helped

St George’s Hotel is a premier four-star, beachside hotel in North Wales, boasting a recent £800,000 refurbishment throughout, alongside the addition of a further five penthouse suites. Requiring more than 115 telephone handsets to support the guest experience and operate the business, the telecommunications system is key to the operations. The fourteen-year-old existing platform was outmoded, the software unsupported and the hardware costly to replace; an unnecessary headache for the hotel.

Eurolink Connect was tasked with designing, planning and installing a brand new, business-wide platform that would not only enhance the guest experience and support the business, but also support a strategy to assist future growth of the business, and potential expansion of the system. This included a transition from traditional ISDN lines, which will become obsolete in 2025), onto a hosted system.

Eurolink opted for the brand new Panasonic NSX platform, which has cutting-edge technology, and will support current and future needs. We identified and installed a Hybrid Panasonic NSX Communications Server which has been specifically tailored to The St George’s requirements and takes full advantage of the new Cat5 infrastructure which had been installed during the refurbishment. This platform utilises the latest SIP Trunk technology by routing calls over an Ethernet connection as opposed to using the ISDN network, making it easy to expand via a Web based maintenance console. 

As well as installing the latest phone system for office and guest use, we upgraded the 100/20Mbps Ethernet to a 1000/200Mbps service; this involved installing a brand new fibre cable. At the same time, we amalgamated all of the internet connections for the hotel into this one Ethernet super service, which has had the added bonus of improving the internet speed as well as the user experience.

Disaster Recovery

As part of the future proofing of the system, we incorporated several methods of disaster recovery to help ensure business continuity. The St Georges suffers from rolling power cuts so we have installed a UPS device which will provide two hours’ worth of power to the phone system and server. We have also added a service which manages the call traffic before the call reaches this phone system, so in the event a power cut lasts more than two hours, subsequent calls are then automatically passed to manager mobiles.

Everyone’s requirements are different. We at Eurolink understand this and we are passionate about delivering personal, bespoke solutions tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. Please contact us on 01453 700 800 for more information.


What did they think?

The upgrade to our system was essential to assure a positive guest experience and business continuity. The new system has surpassed our expectations, not only in terms of the speed and efficiency of install and the quality of service, but also in the unexpected bonus benefits such as improved efficiency and disaster recovery. It has helped take our business to the next level and is supporting our ambitious plans for the future.” 

Nathan Cousins of St George’s Hotel

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