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ExtraCare Charity Shops

The Challenge

When managing a chain of charity shops or retail businesses, operators require a two-pronged approach to telecommunications; the first is to enable these businesses to communicate and work on central systems, the second is to overcome the individual telecommunications challenges that each premises may face. For ExtraCare, who operate 62 separate charity shop premises, each shop works independently and has its own connectivity requirements, but it is also important that ExtraCare Shops can centrally monitor funding. Eurolink was able to support with a store-by-store solution to connectivity, while meeting the overall objective of centrally monitoring fundraising.


How Eurolink helped

For Chris Sullivan, Finance Director of ExtraCare Shops Ltd., a key consideration when choosing a telecoms provider, was finding a supplier who took responsibility for the connections. When looking to change provider, Chris met with Eurolink Connect to ensure that not only could they meet the needs of the 62 separate charity shop premises, but that they would also offer an ongoing personal service and remain accountable.

ExtraCare Shops, which raise vital funds for the ExtraCare Charitable Trust, have outlets across the Midlands and North of England, offering a range of electrical items, household pieces and clothing. Each premises works independently and has its own connectivity requirements, but it is also important that ExtraCare Shops can centrally monitor funding. They selected Eurolink to provide the communications service, hoping for a smooth transfer, which would not disrupt vital till payments and gift aid donations.

Speaking of the transfer, Chris Sullivan said: “It was important that everyday activities within the charity shops were not hampered, and customers could continue to pay through the tills and donate gift aid without disruption. Eurolink certainly took their responsibilities very seriously and project managed the whole process.”

Eurolink Connect is an Internet Service Provider, as well as a Communications Provider, which means they are able to project manage from start to finish; for the ExtraCare transfer, this included advanced issuing of IP Addresses for each store, which in turn enabled the EPOS System to be changed ahead of the rollout. Eurolink established close working relationships with the ExtraCare shop managers to ensure they were aware of the changes.

Everyone’s requirements are different. We at Eurolink understand this and we are passionate about delivering personal, bespoke solutions tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. Please contact us on 01453 700 800 for more information.


What did they think?

“From the outset, planned actions were clearly outlined, and Eurolink evidently understood the importance of ensuring the shops stayed fully operational throughout the transition. Relationships were made with our till supplier and with the regional and local managers at the ExtraCare shops to help support this transition. We were pleasantly surprised just how smooth the migration process was and couldn’t have hoped for better. This was a job well done by all at Eurolink so thank you very much. All the shops now have a uniform structure and Eurolink is enjoying working with the group.”

Chris Sullivan, Finance Director of ExtraCare Shops Ltd

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