Green Policy

Eurolink Connect is committed to providing telecommunications solutions which are as environmentally friendly as possible. Working to reduce our environmental impact, our comprehensive approach helps ensure we support the environment wherever possible.

Our business:

In April 2013, we completed the refurbishment of our Head Office at The Old Police Station in Stroud, and green credentials were a key consideration. The design and renovation included air-to-air heat pumps, LED lighting technology and full building insulation all sourced locally, in addition to powering the office with sourced renewable energy. We use local recycling facilities and have staff communications to help reduce our overall usage of materials wherever possible. All Eurolink offices follow processes to minimise commodity use and technology where possible to reduce the need to travel.

Our suppliers:

Our primary and preferred carrier Gamma is a certified CarbonNeutral company. One of the largest providers of telecom services and related applications, Gamma is a next generation, full network operator who take their responsibilities very seriously; they are committed to being not just the most efficient low cost operator, but also the greenest.

To neutralise their carbon footprint across the network they consistently invest in the efficiency of their IP based network along with their other assets; they are currently the only network operator in the UK to have a net zero carbon footprint; the key criteria for the CarbonNeutral Protocol.

By working with us, you are not only assured an excellent, consistent service from Eurolink, you can also be reassured that we are supplying you, using an environmentally friendly contractor that has net zero carbon output.

Our customers:

The solutions we provide can inherently support an improved Carbon Footprint; Broadband, Lync, Audio Conferencing, Mobile and IP Telephony reduce the need for travel, and effectively work to help the environmental impact of a business. We also undertake additional measures including actively supporting our clients to help facilitate change.

With any project, we work to understand the needs and processes within a business and ensure the solutions are as environmentally beneficial as possible. We actively encourage a reduction in commodity use such as paper, and work to ensure our systems can handle the business needs; for example, supporting email and electronic invoicing as an alternative to paper, and providing internal communication portals to minimise printing.

Working with many of our clients on a long-term, maintained basis, it is important that we help support their environmental credentials; in addition to supplying and  maintaining the highest spec equipment with the lowest environmental impact, we also work to minimise problems and inefficiencies which can cause additional energy needs.

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