For a family-run business with a long history of providing exemplary accounting and auditing services, launching a new office is the natural way to extend the 65-year-old practice. Cheyettes in Leicester City did just that, acquiring a business in Market Harborough, East Midlands to open their second outlet.

The business originally operated with a traditional ISDN phone system across the outdated PSTN network, which as you know is being phased out. These ISDN systems work fine, but lack the modern conveniences of VoIP systems and are pretty inflexible for multi-site businesses. We helped to transition both sites onto our PIPPA fully-hosted phone system, allowing the business to amalgamate practices, communicate easily between the two offices, and add call routing so that calls are diverted if there is no answer in one or another office.

David Cheyette, Managing Director of Cheyettes, comments:

“Upgrading the system was necessary to ensure the two offices work seamlessly together and having PIPPA has made the geographic challenge of two offices so much simpler. We’re really pleased with the results and with the enhanced features that are helping us to be a modern and progressive operation!”

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