The Challenge

Cloud-based business systems are growing in popularity and can deliver huge gains for businesses, as long as the broadband connectivity is up to scratch. For Colour Connection in Gloucester, poor broadband connectivity was restricting the use of a new cloud-based MIS System as well as preventing flexible, remote working for employees. A telecoms and IT health check identified the most suitable solution and now the business can fully utilise the systems, support their staff, and have even upgraded the security system too.

How Eurolink helped

For print and design business Colour Connection, based just outside Gloucester, poor broadband connectivity in the area was creating challenges for the business. The lack of a quality broadband connection was preventing the full use of a Cloud MIS system, which would support the business and enable flexible working for staff, with remote working capabilities.

Eurolink conducted a free Telecoms and IT health check, identifying the challenges that the business faces and selecting appropriate solutions. Installation of a new Ethernet Broadband line has opened up new possibilities for the business, supporting migration to a cloud-based MIS system, enabling better flexible and remote working for staff, and even enabling an upgrade of the security systems at the business premises. Benefits of the health check include cost-savings made through disconnecting

unnecessary phone lines, enhancing security through the installation of a door entry system and improvements to the CCTV cameras and increasing the work capacity through better connectivity.

Claire Maddox, Managing Director of Eurolink Connect says, “Telecoms and IT systems are only useful to a business if they are relevant and fit-for-purpose. So often we find that businesses lack appropriate systems, meaning they are either overpaying, or underperforming, or in some cases both. Ethernet was a brilliant solution for Colour Connection because it helped to overcome the connectivity challenges associated with their location and as a result supported the installation of additional systems which simply weren’t an option before.”

Everyone’s requirements are different. We at Eurolink understand this and we are passionate about delivering personal, bespoke solutions tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. Please contact us on 01453 700 800 for more information.

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Colour Connection is a print and design business based in Gloucester.
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