The client

Helping to keep your professional premises sparkling, Dedmans Contract Cleaning Services (DCS) offer an exceptional cleaning service for businesses within Gloucestershire and the surrounding area. As well as delivering a high-quality service and finish, DCS focus on using environmentally friendly cleaning techniques where possible, provide their own electricity and water to minimise business cost, and even take the waste away with them! This dedicated approach to what they do even helped them to grow and gain new contracts during the COVID-19 pandemic, despite many offices shifting to a work-from-home scenario. Eurolink Connect is proud to deliver an equally high-quality service to DCS, supporting with all their IT needs.

The Challenge

For DCS, simple, cost-effective, and seamless IT provision is a must, helping their office-based administrative teams liaise with their client-based cleaning teams. They needed a proactive, supportive service, all implemented by a single provider, with readily available troubleshooting should an issue arise. A solution that Eurolink Connect is only too happy to provide.

How Eurolink helped

At Eurolink, we work with every size and scale of business to provide a fit-for-purpose, proactive IT service. For DCS, this includes implementing and managing the full suite of Microsoft 365 products, supporting email and office documents, Sharepoint for a full cloud back-up and access package, antivirus and web filtering as part of the cybersecurity defences, and our proactive IT service offering update management, 24/7 monitoring, and unlimited remote support. This provides everything that DCS needs to maximise their business systems and productivity, consigning their IT niggles to history.

Primarily, proper planning and proactive support has provided a more cost-effective solution. Problems arise less often, can be resolved more quickly, and usually cost less to rectify. What’s more, it enables better capital expenditure planning, as in future, hardware expenditure can be planned for as it becomes obsolete.

As an added advantage, Eurolink’s green credentials help DCS to enhance its own environmental commitments, supporting their customers with a more eco service.

Everyone’s requirements are different. We at Eurolink understand this and we are passionate about delivering personal, bespoke solutions tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. Please contact us on 01453 700 800 for more information.

What the client thought

Julia Minett, Office Manager, DCS comments “Eurolink has been really good. Very helpful all the time and they always understand how important it is to get us working as quick as we can. Our previous supplier used put us to the bottom of the pile and were not interested in keeping us as a customer as we were not spending enough or big enough. It’s been a refreshing change.”

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