To help you plan ahead, here’s our confirmed opening hours over the festive period.

As always, we operate a skeleton staff to give our wonderful team a much-deserved break, but there’ll still be someone available 24/7 to handle any problems. What’s more, our state-of-the-art security features will still be in place, alerting us to unexpected or unusual behaviour on your account and protecting you from fraudulent activity, too.

Our formal working hours over the festive period are:

  • 24 December 2021 – open until 2pm
  • 27 & 28 December 2021 – closed all day
  • 29 & 30 December 2021 – open 10am to 4pm
  • 31 December 2021 – open 10am to 2pm
  • 3 January 2022 – closed
  • 4 January 2022 – back to normal.

If you get a problem in between (although you’ll probably be off work too), our office number will still be answered by a person and handled by our out of hours manager, so please call with any emergencies. We’re available on 01453 700 800.

How we help protect your business during the holidays:

Part of our service includes state of the art systems to identify unusual activities and anomalies on your networks, to help prevent and protect against fraudulent activities. While they are overseen by our team, they continue to run and operate 24/7, alerting us to problems day or night, and automatically shutting off systems that appear to be under attack. This prevents cybercriminals from accessing your systems when you’re not there and protects you from unexpected bills too.

Our systems include:

🔐 Automatic billing thresholds to prevent overspend. As well as helping with budgeting, it helps prevent cybercriminals using your phone systems for phreaking (telephone fraud)
🔐 Web filtering to make sure the right people access the right things. This helps prevent your systems being compromised by user activities, as well as protecting your system in the event of a breach
🔐 Antivirus and endpoint security to help prevent malware entering your network
🔐 Microsoft365 Security Pack to monitor for criminals attempting to breach your systems
🔐 Secure data backups to reinstate systems in case of a breach

You can also take advantage of our cybersecurity training for your teams, and working with us means that you are working with an ISO27001:2013 certified company who puts your data protection first.

Speak to our team whenever you need on 01453 700 800.

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