Maximise your online presence with an update to your web listings.

Did you know, there are more than 200 web listing companies in the UK, offering business listings that range from company name and website, right through to full descriptions, images and online purchasing for example. You’re probably familiar with a Google Business Listing or Yell, but there are hundreds more out there. The question is, do they matter?

The simple answer is yes! Particularly at the moment where many businesses are grappling with the aftermath of COVID, and every sale counts. Did you know that more than 90% of potential customers first identify a company online, either buying direct through an eCommerce website, or getting in touch with the company?

So how do web listings help with this?

For many businesses, they think about their direct marketing and web optimisation, e.g. search engine optimisation of your website, posts on social media etc. These all have huge value, and should be part of your marketing plan, but they don’t have quite the same impact as online listings.

Search engine optimisation is not an exact science. It combines a number of aspects together to determine how a site ranks, but some of the key components include site traffic, and domain authority. These tell a search engine how credible a website is, and arguably, the more popular a website and the more traffic it gains, the higher it has the potential to rank. This is of course a huge generalisation, but it is this which gives web listings their distinct advantage. The web listing websites are huge, they have a lot of credible pages, they capture a lot of traffic and they are searchable. This gives them the potential to rank really highly, potentially even outranking your own website. What’s more, they rank for generic terms that your website might not, combining you with other like-minded businesses. This means they reach a different audience to the ones you reach directly, and also help your own website to rank and improve too.

Web Listings can therefore offer huge advantages for your business, but one of their biggest negatives is that they are laborious to update, you’ve probably forgotten your password, and there are so many of them! That’s why we’re launching Eurolink Web Listings, which allows you to update more than 50 listings all in one go. Yes, really. A single portal that you can update once and which in turn will update more than 50 listings. You can also then continue using the portal to put out news, announcements, special offers and the like, however frequently you like.

It costs just £8.99 and is a really simple, effective way to market your business digitally. Speak to our team on 01453 700 800 for more information.

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