The Challenge

For QIA Services, a management buyout necessitated an update to their communication network, divesting their tech from the original parent company. At the same time, it presented an opportunity to upgrade and streamline the network, incorporating updates to suit the business they are now and will be in the future.

Despite having long had a significant proportion of their workforce based remotely or on the road, the historic network focussed on on-premise management, and fixed access points. It also operated system security based on location and not on user. This created challenges with staff accessing data and documents, taking and transferring calls between employees, and limiting productivity through slow load speeds and access limitations. The objective of the new network was to overcome these challenges, styled to suit a distributed and remote workforce, building in resilience and reliability, and introducing user-based security over location-based access. It was also essential that any upgrades met and exceeded the exacting security standards required for an MOD contract.

How Eurolink helped

The transition of ownership presented opportunity to design a network that truly meets the needs of the workforce. Remote working from anywhere, including file and phone access, future-proofing the network for extension and hardware upgrades, and removing the need for on-premise management, all factored into the new network design. Opting for Eurolink’s Managed IT Service, Managed Internet, and Managed Phone System, enabled QIA Services to benefit from a fully-flexible, extendable, and forward-thinking network design. Features include:

  • a shift from on-premise to a cloud system, supporting fully flexible workforce access, without compromising on the security inherent to on-premises architecture
  • a user-based security system connecting security features such as settings, antivirus, and document access to individual users rather than geographic locations. This supports all team members to work from anywhere, at any time without compromising productivity or load speed
  • a robust fibre installation, including SoGEA Fibre Broadband and a 4G fail over, to ensure an internet connection at all times when working from the main office
  • an upgraded web service to support a new website with integrated CRM functions and extensive document storage
  • a fully softphone solution, enabling all calls to be routed through laptops and desktops, supporting employees to answer and transfer calls from anywhere at any time. The hosted phone solution also simplified the use of call routing, voicemails and greetings, on-hold messaging and more
  • a capital expenditure infrastructure plan to make use of existing software and hardware, while providing adequate planning for replacement as they reach end of life.

The primary benefit of this user-first approach to network design has been to support productivity and efficiency through streamlined communication design. It has made the network worthwhile for the business that exists now, as well as priming the connectivity for future expansion.

Deborah Heather, CEO of QIA Services comments “Having originally been part of a much larger parent organisation, the inherited connectivity solutions were totally unsuited to the reality of our business. The new system Eurolink designed has matched the network to our needs and not the other way around. This has boosted staff productivity by removing lost hours, provided flexibility by enabling them to work from anywhere at any time, and has ensured that everyone can do the job that they need to do.”

She continues “Importantly, our contractual obligations with organisations such as the MOD, mean that robust security practices are an essential part of our system. With their own exemplary security standards, Eurolink understands how to do this, in a meaningful and robust way, delivering a solution that impresses our contract partners and helps us exceed their security expectations. This has been invaluable to us.”

She concludes “Working with Eurolink has been great. They are very practical and forward-thinking and were able to provide the expert consultative service that we needed to create a new way of working. I am confident that we have the network we need now, and that it is primed and ready to change with us as we grow and adapt in the future.”

Everyone’s requirements are different. We at Eurolink understand this and we are passionate about delivering personal, bespoke solutions tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. Please contact us on 01453 700 800 for more information.

About QIA Services

QIA Services provide independent quality assessments, benchmarking businesses against regulatory and quality standards. Most notably, they operate the Quality in Tourism grading scheme, supporting hospitality businesses to meet regulatory requirements, and exceed customer expectations; and the Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCAS) scheme on behalf of the MOD. They are at the forefront of quality gradings, with a team of assessors working in the field to grade and critique operators.

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