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The threat of cyber-attacks is now a case of when and not if, which means companies need to have robust and stringent systems and processes. We offer advice, planning, and implementation of cyber security strategies and we are an ISO27001:2013 certified company, with a 100% track record passing penetration testing of our systems…

One of the core challenges for creating a robust and secure cyber security policy is your people.

Most successful cyber-attacks start with a mistake made by a member of your team after your systems have let through a threat. We help you to focus on and shore up your defences, using tools, strategies, and techniques to build a better, more robust network, whether you are entirely office-based, or your team use business or personal devices to connect to their office work.

What’s more, we are ISO27001:2013 certified (and were one of the first companies in the UK to pass this accreditation), and we also regularly appoint penetration test providers to test our own systems, passing with flying colours every single time. The question you need to ask yourself is this: how will your systems stack up? Here are just some of the ways that we can help…

Data loss, ransomware, system hacks, smishing, phishing, the list of potential cybersecurity threats goes on. What’s more, the cost and impact of these threats is growing year on year. Anyone with access to your network and the internet is a potential cyber vulnerability to your system, so how do you manage risk without reverting back to pen and paper?

As a standard addition for all our clients (unless you choose to opt out), we are proud to implement the Microsoft 365 Security Pack to quickly enhance your cybersecurity defences. It’s an added layer of system monitoring and protection for your emails, files and folders, including:

  • Spoofing alerts: cybercriminals are getting very good at making an email seem like it comes from someone you work with, even when it doesn’t. They use these techniques to get you to make false payments for example. The alerts will highlight that an email is fake and comes from outside your organisation, so you don’t click bad links and can fix the leak.
  • Forwarding notifications: a favourite technique of cybercriminals is to intercept emails by adding a forward onto your account. It means they can see what you are seeing every time you receive an email. As soon as forwarding is added, you’ll get an alert so that you can check it is legitimate.
  • Location monitoring: you may be sending emails while on holiday in the Bahamas, or someone else might be while you’re actually in the office. You’ll be notified if someone attempts to access your emails from overseas.

What does that mean for you?

In a nutshell, more protection, less threats and better cybersecurity with less room for human error. We know it might still seem as clear as mud so to put it in real terms in the first two weeks of going live across our client base, the system caught four separate attempts to access different client systems, from international users three of whom had no right to be in the system. They had the login and password, but were denied access to the system because of their geographic location. Only one of these attempts was genuine – a client working overseas in Spain – and the rest were attempted hacks with the potential to compromise the business’s system!

Speak to our team on 01453 700 800 for more details, a demonstration, and to take advantage of our free trial.

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